A 64 year-old male, solo back-country skier was reported overdue by his wife.  The planned route was Bolton Valley Resort (BVR) to Michigan Valley on the Catamount Trail.  The subject was dropped off at BVR at 0900, called his wife at 1300 as his phone was losing battery life (not in distress, just letting her know is phone was losing power).  

VT State Police (VSP) Search and Rescue (SAR) was informed of the overdue skier (no additional information was available) and Stowe Mountain Rescue (SMR) was requested to sweep the Catamount trail from Nebraska Valley Road to BVR.

SMR deployed a 5-person search team.  Snowmobiles & a tracked ATV were used to move the search team up the Catamount trail to an elevation of ~1700', the search team proceeded on snowshoes above this point.  The search team stopped frequently, using whistle blows and voice calling for the subject.  

At an elevation of ~1900', the search team made voice contact w/the subject.  He was located ~100M skier's left of the Catamount Trail. The subject had experienced difficulties breaking trail in deep snow along his journey (slowing his progress), and then lost the trail high on the ridge that separates Bolton Valley & Michigan Valley.  The subject continued down hill, off trail until it became dark, at which point he made camp for the night.  

The subject was in good spirits (although fatigued), had minimal emergency gear (no overnight gear) and was prepared to spend an uncomfortable night out in the elements. 

The subject was provided snowshoes and walked out to the snowmobiles & ATV for a ride back to the trail head.  His son met him at the trail head to drive him home so he would not drive in his fatigued condition.      

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions
Veliko, VanDyke, Westervelt, Wehse, Raybold


 21:45 - 02:00 Overcast, Calm, Scattered Snow showers, 5 deg F


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