Search (Mt. Mansfield)
A party of 4 hiked up Gondolier (Gondola lift line) leaving the base at ~1430.  The party consisted of three-18 year-old males and a middle-aged woman.  The woman returned to the base after an hour of hiking and the 3 males continued to the Cliff Trail and the Chin of Mansfield.  
They were very poorly dressed, wearing only shorts & cotton sweat shirts.  Temperatures were in the 40's with gusty wind and the mountain was completely socked in with very limited visibility.     
When the party of 3 did not return by 1730, the resort called 911 requesting a search by SMR.  VSP notified.
A Stowe Mountain Rescue hasty team was being deployed to the Cliff Trail when one of the subjects texted they just exited the Cliff Trail and were at the Cliff House (1800).  They were instructed to wait there and a UTV was dispatched to pick up the party.  They were returned to the base without incident (1850). 
Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions
Veliko, Reinhardt, Speer, Miller, Ruschp, McLean, Wehse, Raybold, Chegwidden

Stowe Mountain Resort

 1700 - 1930 Windy, Cloudy, Cold (40-45 deg F)

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