New York State (NYS) Forest Rangers requested assistance with a missing subject last seen at the base of Wallface Mountain in the Adirondacks (near Newcomb, NY).  The subject was reported missing a week prior and an intensive search effort had been unsuccessful.

Stowe Mountain Rescue (SMR) was requested to perform a three-day search, utilizing a back-country base camp established by the Rangers at Scott Pond.

SMR and NYS Forest Rangers were flown to the summit of Wallface Mountain by helicopter and overnight gear/food was dropped at Scott Pond.  

The missing subject had set up a camp on the summit.  SMR was tasked with performing a grid search of the dense woods just north of the summit.  The first day of searching was unsuccessful and the team descended to Scott Pond Base Camp for the night. 

The search team left the Scott Pond Base Camp on day two with instructions to grid search the north west shoulder of Wallface Mountain.  By mid-day another search team had located the subject east of the summit in a Wallface Pond drainage.  The subject was deceased.

At that point, the SMR team was instructed to return to Scott Pond Base Camp for a helicopter extraction.    


Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions
Veliko, VanDyke, Westervelt, Eykelhoff, Ruschp, Wehse, Millick

NYS Forest Rangers

Other NY/NJ SAR Agencies

Start:  9/17 5PM

End:  9/18 6:30 PM

Clear, Calm, 45-80 deg F


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Drop-Off (Wallface Mountain Landing Zone)



Mission Orientation (at Landing Zone/Summit of Wallface Mountain) 


 Base Camp