Camel's Hump Back-Country Rescue  (CHBCR) requested assistance from Stowe Mtn Rescue (SMR) with a 70 year-old male with a knee injury.  The subject was through hiking the Long Trail (north - south) and injured his right knee while hiking up the Bamforth Ridge on Camel's Hump.   He called 911 requesting assistance as he was unable to bear weight on the injured knee.  He was located at ~2800' on the Long Trail (LT) just below the intersection with the Alpine Trail.  This is a very difficult spot with no quick access.

A hasty team from CHBCR located the patient and immobilized his injury.  The SMR responders brought in the required litter components/extraction equipment.  

The subject was accessed via the Burrows Trail to the Hut Clearing, then the LT north to the top of the Bamforth Ridge.  With significant assistance the subject was able to walk out to the Burrows Trail Parking Lot, about 3.1 miles.  The patient transferred to Richmond Rescue for transportation to UVM MC. 


Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions

Veliko, Westervelt, Wehse 

Camel's Hump Back-Country Rescue

Waterbury Back-Country Rescue

1200 - 19:30 Clear, Calm, 70 deg F

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