Camel's Hump Back-Country Rescue (CHBCR) requested assistance from Stowe Mountain Rescue (SMR), Cambridge Technical Rescue (CTR) and Waterbury Back-Country Rescue (WBCR) for a male subject experiencing a medical emergency at Puffer Lodge on the Long Trail. 

Resources were requested to stage at Bolton Valley Ski Resort for a litter carry.  Ingress Route: use ATV and UTV to Bryant Camp, then travel on foot up Birch Loop, Raven's Wind, Long Trail North. (Total Route was approximately 2 miles with 1600 feet elevation gain on difficult trails).

After a discussion with Incident Commander, 2 SMR team members were diverted to Michigan Valley / Catamount Trail.  Their job was to scout a potential alternate extraction route from Puffer Lodge.  This team used ATVs to access a point approximately 0.7 miles below Puffer Lodge at an elevation of about 2000 feet.  The balance of the response teams proceeded to Bolton Valley Resort as directed.  

The subject was with a college group on an organized multi-day hike as part of the school’s Freshman orientation program.  The subject had started feeling ill on Friday night and by Saturday morning he was light headed, dizzy, experiencing nausea and unable to stand or walk short distances unassisted.  It was at this point that the college group leader summoned medical and extraction assistance.

A 4-member Hasty Team from CHBCR was fielded with medical gear just prior to SMR Team arrival at Bolton.  SMR and CTR immediately fielded a six-member Litter Team to transport the litter/wheel system, bivvy sack and trail rope system.  Another 3-member team from CTR and WBCR followed for manpower support, bringing the total response to 15 rescuers from the four agencies.

The Hasty Team reached Puffer Lodge as the Litter Team reached the summit of Bolton, trialing by only 10 minutes.  The Hasty Team Medical Officer determined the patient was likely ill, compounded by dehydration and fatigue from the prior 2 days of hiking.  The patient was given food, water and electrolytes.  After about an hour the patient was able to walk without assistance.  

The 2-member SMR team traveling in from Michigan Valley/Catamount trail had scouted excellent bushwhack track that would provide a difficult, but easier extraction route for the subject and the rest of the College group.  This required bushwacking down moderate terrain approximately 0.8 miles to the Catamount Trail where the SMR ATVs were parked.  The patient and the college group’s backpacks were transported down to the Michigan Valley parking lot via ATV; the remainder of the College Group and Rescue Teams hiked out the Catamount Trail.   The patient was assessed and released by Stowe Rescue.  

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions

VanDyke, Veliko, Westervelt, Miller, Mclean, Wehse 

Camel's Hump Back-Country Rescue

Cambridge Technical Rescue

Waterbury Back-Country Rescue

0730 - 1530 Overcast, Humid, Calm, 75 deg F

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