A 58 year old man in reasonable health was missing from his hunting camp in the Adirondacks since November 19.  It had been sunny and warm with no snow on the ground on the day he went missing. Sunday through Monday the weather turned cold, windy and snowed about 12 inches His tractor was found running, with his cell phone and jacket in the cab. The search was being conducted under the assumption he left the tractor tracking a deer.  New York DEC Forest Rangers requested assistance searching for the subject.

Stowe Mountain Rescue executed a detailed evidence search around his tractor. The team cleared snow down to ground level looking for any evidence (rifle shells, cigarette bus, etc.) and used a metal detector.  The search was unsuccessful and did not locate any evidence or clues.

NYS DEC Forest Rangers are continued the search and found the man deceased several days later. 

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of Call  Weather Conditions
Burke, Eykelhoff, Miller, Palmer, Reinhardt, Rogers, Ruschp, Speer, Veliko, Wehse

Dozens of regional agencies responding

05:00 - 07:30 Sunny and cold

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