The recovery resumed Monday AM.

Two rescue swimmers and shore based safety personnel were deployed down stream. A high angle team lowered a rescuer into the mouth of the chute and suspended them at water level. Efforts were made to secure the subject, but the speed of the water and depth of the subject made gaining access to her unsafe. Efforts were then focused on dislodging some of the debris with the hopes she would be dislodged and flushed thru the chute. Manual efforts with a Pike Pole and body weight bouncing on the jammed debris created movement, but little displacement of material. A 5:1 haul system was then applied to the main tree in the mouth of the shoot, this yielded no visible movement.

Arrangements were being made for heavy equipment to winch some of the debris from the chute. As a second rescuer was being deployed by the high angle team, the first rescuer was able to dislodge the subject, by bouncing on the trapped debris. The subject was immediately recovered by the pre-deployed rescue swimmers and returned to shore.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions
Couper, Libby, Rienhardt, Ruschp, Speer, Veliko


Richmond Polics Dept, Richmond Fire Dept, 
Vermont State Police,  Colchester Technical Rescue

06:00 - 12:30  

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