A man was swimming at Bingham Falls and fell approximately 30 feet into a pool of water, striking his head during the fall. He was reported to be unresponsive and submerged in the pool for one minute. He was pulled from the water by bystanders and moved to a rock outcrop where he became responsive and starting spontaneous breathing.

Stowe Polie Department & Stowe Rescue Service were on-scene prior to Stowe Mountain Rescue and started patient care. The man was conscious and alert, but had significant head trauma with blood and fluid coming from his ears.  He would repeat "loop" statements.

A medical evacuation helicopter was requested from DHART, but the weather in southern New Hampshire prevented any flights.  The man was given medical care next to the water.  He was brought out of the gorge using a rope raise system. He was delivered to a Stowe Rescue Service ambulance who transported him to UVM Medical Center.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions
Govoni, Reinhardt, Ruschp, Speer, Veliko, Westervelt


Stowe Rescue Service, Stowe Police Department 12:00 - 14:15  Clear and warm

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