A family of five became stranded on the Long Trail north (otherwise known as Elephant's Head Trail) by darkness without headlamps.  They were unsure of their location and after a cell phone interview it was determined they were at the junction of the Elephant's Head Vista Trail and the Long Trail.  With the remaining 45 minutes of daylight, they were instructed to continue north on the Long Trail to its intersection with Snuffies Trail, then continue to the Spruce Peak Resort and the Sensation Quad. They were successful at reaching the Sensation Quad as darkness overtook the party.

Stowe Mountain Rescue dispatched an ATV and pick-up truck up the Spruce Peak work road to the top of the Sensation Quad where the met the stranded party.  The team provided warm clothing and transportation back to the family's vehicle.  Their intended hike was Bingham Falls. They incorrectly parked at Barns Camp, hiked the link trail that is being developed between Barns Camp and the Long Trail north and continued north on the Long Trail. Their hike took them almost five hours without the appropriate food, water, clothing or footwear for such a hike.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Govoni, Miller, Reinhardt, Rogers, Ruschp, Van Dyke, Veliko

  20:30 - 22:45  Foggy and windy

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