An 11 year old child with Down's Syndrome went missing from his family's camp on Old County Road in Nebraska Valley. He had been last seen at 4:30 PM in the area of the camp. The family called 911 at approximately 5:30 PM and Stowe Police Department and Stowe Mountain Rescue responded, with assistance from Colchester Technical Rescue. Vermont State Police Search And Rescue was requested immediately, as was a local Game Warden with a search dog.

The parents were interviewed and the child was wearing only shorts and a tee shirt. With the weather forecast of temperatures in the 30's the search urgency was high. A scent article from the missing child was provided to the search dog, who set off to search the area. Unfortunately, the search dog was unable to locate a scent trail and ground search teams were tasked with searching high priority areas. His parents explained that he was likely to be near water, so teams first searched ponds and streams, in addition to conducting an ATV search along roads, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Additional personel were added to the search, and the search continued into the night. Colchester Technical Rescue was released at 1 AM on Sunday and Stowe Mountain Rescue was released at 4 AM for much-needed rest, with plans to assist in the next operational period. Around 7 AM, the missing child came out on Old County Road, approximately 0.3 miles from his camp and was headed home when he was spotted by a search team. The child was fine and simply stated that it got dark and that he needed to spend the night in the woods.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Couper, Reinhardt, Ruschp, Veliko, Westervelt

 Colchester Technical Rescue, Essex Backcountry Rescue, Vermont Fish & Wildlife, Vermont State Police 

17:45 - 04:00  Cool and clear

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