A man in his 60s hiking up to Moss Glen Falls ventured over a steep bank to capture some pictures near the top. He slipped and fell roughly 15 feet down the bank but stopped at the edge prior to a cliff and held himself with his feet on a tree.  He was uninjured other than a banged up right shoulder, but was unable to climb back up.

Two team members set up a belay above him and then one member descended on the man and put a harness on him and clipped him in.  They then helped him back up to the trail and then walked him out. During the walk out he was weak and had to rest to catch his breath.  He was delivered to Stowe Rescue who took him to Copley.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Fallahian, Govoni, Miller, Reinhardt, Speer, Westervelt 

 Stowe Rescue and Stowe Police Dept


12:15-14:00  Clear

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