A young man was swimming at Bingham Falls in Stowe and slipped while descending a rocky ledge on the left side of the river.  As he fell approximately 25 feet head first into a pool, his left upper leg impacted a large rock that was above the water's surface. He was assisted out of the water by bystanders and was found by Stowe Rescue on a rock on the waters edge on river right.

The patient was treated by a Stowe Rescue paramedic. He was given medication and the injury was immobilized.  Patient was then evactuated with two haul systems and a standard litter carry and was delivered to a Stowe ambulance on the Mountain Road.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

 Govoni, Reinhardt, Rogers, Ruschp, Speer, Veliko, Westervelt

Stowe Rescue, Stowe PD


16:00-18:15  Clear and warm

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