Underhill-Jericho Fire Department / Essex Rescue received a 911 call for a 20 year old male complaining of difficulty breathing on the top of the Sunset Ridge Trail, 3.1 miles from Underhill State Park.  A hasty team of 3 fire fighters and 1 Essex paramedic were deployed up the Sunset Ridge Trail. Stowe Mountain Rescue and Colchester Technical Rescue both responded via the Toll Road.

Stowe Mountain Rescue reached the patient, who was complaining of difficulty breathing, nausea and numbness, tingling and cramping in his extremities. The patient's skin color was slightly ashen.  Medical care was given to the patient but attempts to get the subject to walk out were unsuccessful.  The subject was then packaged in a litter and evacuated up the Sunset Ridge to the Long Trail south to the Visitors Center stations at the top of the Toll road. The extrication was complicated by the patient vomiting several times,  and by two passing electrical storms. The patent was then transported down the Toll Road by DPS Car 96 and delivered to Stowe Rescue for transportation to Copley Hospital.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

 Couper, Govoni, Miller, Speer, Van Dyke, Veliko

 Underhill/Jericho Fire Department, Essex Rescue, Colchester Technical Rescue

17:15-22:30  Humid and Stormy

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