Stowe Mountain Rescue was called to assist in locating a hiker and her two dogs who were stranded above the Elephant's Head Viewpoint in the Notch.  They had gone up the Sterling Ponds Trail in the afternoon, reached Sterling Pond and then continued along the Long Trail south, and eventually ran out of daylight. Without headlamps or water, they had called 911 for assistance. 

Two Stowe Mountain Rescue teams were deployed - one hiked the Long Trail north from the parking lot at the top of the notch while the other drove up the Spruce Peak Work Road to the top and hiked down "Snuffy's" towards the subject.  At 10:50 PM the second team located the subjects (2 women and 2 dogs) on the Long Trail at approximately 3100 feet.  At 11:35 PM, the rescuers and subjects and their dogs reached the truck at the top Spruce Peak's work road and were delivered to the command post.  They were debriefed and as they did not require medical attention, the subjects and their dogs were driven back to their car which was at the top of the Notch.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Couper, Fallahian, Govoni, Miller, Ruschp, Van Dyke

 Department of Public Safety

21:00-01:00  Warm and clear

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