A solo skier fortuitously happened across an injured party in an out-of-bounds area at Stowe Mountain Resort at approximately 3:00pm. The subject was by himself and his cell phone was dead, so he had been unable to call for assistance. He was determined to be in an area known as the "waterfall" off the Ridgeview Trail at the resort. The patient was not able to support his own weight due to his injuries.  Ski Patrol sent 3 people and a sled to the subject, got him packaged and started him moving him downhill. The going was slow due to the terrain and recent fresh snow (several belays were necessary to get him down the initial steepest pitches). Stowe Mountain Rescue personnel were initially waiting at the bottom to finish the evacutation by snowmobile, but as darkness approached they sent one team into the field uphill from the bottom to provide assistance. The subject was evacuated out to the touring center trails at 18:30, and the rest of the transport was by snowmachine to the waiting ambulance. 

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Fallahian, Miller, Reinhardt, Rogers, Ruschp, Speer, Van Dyke, 

Mt. Mansfield Ski Patrol, Stowe EMS 

15:25 -19:45 10 degrees, partly cloudy, windy

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