Breaking many of the basic rules of backcountry travel, this unprepared group was unfamiliar with the terrain, did not telling anybody where they were going, and followed tracks leading out of bounds on their last run of the day and found themselves lost as darkness fell. An initial went to the Mt. Mansfield Ski Patrol who sent snowmachines around the boundary of the ski area, stopping to blow whistles attempting to locate the party. These efforts were unsuccessful and Stowe Mtn. Rescue was activated to assist in the search. The subjects eventually stumbled across a backcountry ski trail, and SMR was able to talk them into heading in the proper direction. At the same time a hasty team was sent to the area where the subjects were thought to be, and were located shortly thereafter. They were given a snowmobile ride back to the resort where they received a debriefing lecture on how to avoid such "misadventures" in the future.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Van Dyke

Mt. Mansfield Ski Patrol 17:30-20:30 Light Snow, 20

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