The subject was reported to be near the top of the ridge.  Stowe Mountain Rescue drove up the Toll Road and hiked down to the subject and brought medical gear to stabilize the patient and rope / low angle gear for a litter evacuation. Underhill / Jericho Fire Department brought up the litter and wheel.  It was determined the best evacuation route would be down the Sunset Ridge to Underhill State Park and not up the Sunset Ridge Trail to the Toll Road. Patient's injury (isolated ankle) was stabilized and patient was packaged in a litter, medic provided pain and anti-nausea medication, the patient was evacuated in the litter and wheel without incident.  

Note: The patient was a member of a large school group that generated an additional three injuries / patients though Stowe Mountain Rescue was no involved in their evacuation.


Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Couper, Veliko

Underhill / Jericho Fire Depts, Stowe Mountain Resort

12:45 -20:00  

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