Stowe Fire Department (SFD) request assistance with a reported forest fire near Taylor Lodge. Fire was accidentally started by three campers near Taylor Lodge. They left a campfire unattended, as they thought it was sufficiently out and awoke at 2 AM to the smell of smoke. The fire had escaped the fire ring and they attempted to put out the fire and kicked some embers over the nearby cliff edge.
This expanded the fire (VERY dry conditions) to include the cliff edge and the ravine  approximately 80-100' below.
Two of the campers had minor burns on hands and ankles and had inhaled considerable smoke while attempting to extinguish the fire.
They were evaluated and walked out for further evaluation by Stowe Rescue. Stowe Mountain Rescue assisted SFD with multiple tasks during the course of the day, of most significance:
1) Team member assigned operational Safety Officer.
2) Providing belay / edge protection for fire personnel working near the cliff edge.   
3) Truck & ATV used to shuttle personnel & equipment from staging to just above the "Bear Den" on the Lake Mansfield Trail.
4) Provide EMS coverage
Fire Departments from as far as Essex were called in for mutual aid.

WCAX article (includes a video click from the evening news)

Burlington Free Press article                                   

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Burdick, Miller, Speer, Stewart, Veliko, Westervelt

Stowe Fire Dept, Stowe Rescue, Waterbury Backcountry, Jericho  Johnson, Essex, Cambridge, Morrisville and Elmore Fire Departments 3:00 -22:30 75, Dry

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