Subject last seen 16:30 on 7/28 at Commodore's Inn. Stowe Police conducted search of Recreation Path and had Vermont State Police K9 try to pick up track near pond. Team notified to assist with search following morning. Checked banks of Little River (both downstream from station to Moscow, and upstream from Rec Path behind church to Cape Cod Road). Second sighting reported at 17:00 7/28 at top of Sylvan Park Road. Search moved to that area. Subject found in vehicle parked in driveway off of Stowe Hollow Rd. approximately 250yds from last sighting. Had lacerations on face and transported by Stowe Rescue to Copley.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Couper, Miller, Speer, Stewart, Van Dyke, Veliko

Stowe Police, Field and Game, Vermont State Police 04:30 -10:00 Clear

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