The hikers left Huntington Center parking lot on the Burrows Trail for the summit of Camels Hump.
Somewhere in the area of the Hut Clearing or the top of Bamforth Ridge (unclear based on input from subject), they lost / left the hiking trail and started following a drainage down the east / Duxbury side of Camels Hump.     

The party called 911 at approx. 17:00 and reported they were lost and following a drainage down. Their call produced a GPS coordinate locating them in one of the major drainages on the east side. They were instructed to continue down the drainage, one additional phone contact was obtained, indicating additional travel down the drainage, then cell phone contact was lost for the duration of the search.

Vermont State Police established command and broke up the search into two groups to search the drainage on foot and another group to do a hasty search on ATV's.  The ATV team located the subjects in good condition, in a camp with a wood stove and fire. They were evacuated by ATV to the Command Post without incident.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Miller, Veliko, Westvelt

Vermont State Police, Colchester Technical Rescue oo:oo-04:30 Warm and dry

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