After initial confusion as to where the subjects were located (the initial report indicated Mt. Mansfield, but their description of the terrain did not correspond to any location in that area), it was determined that they were heading South on the Long Trail below the Elephant's Head lookout on Spruce Peak. They were getting cold and had only cell phones for light. They were encouraged to stay where they were, as the terrain is very difficult if one wanders off the trail, and there were no other tracks in the fresh snow for them to follow. Team members hiked to their location and escorted them off the mountain. While their equipment was reasonably good, they had no map, were not familiar with the area, and had no headlamps or flashlights. With at least the latter it would likely have been possible to talk them back down the trail to their car. 

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Van Dyke (phone)

None 17:15-21:30 Clear, 19

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