An initial search plan was established assuming she would not travel any distance down off the ridge and further assuming she had re-injured her knee and is not ambulatory. GMC & SMR teams were tasked w/searching the top portions of side trails that descend from the LT/ridge.

Communication with an Underhill State Park employee indicated a party of 2 passed a "lost" female hiker on the Sunset Ridge Trail at approximately tree line (~3300'). They instructed the lost female to return back up the Sunset Ridge Trail, back up to the Long Trail. No description of the "lost" female was obtained by the State Park employee. This prompted dispatching a team of 2 down the Sunset Ridge Trail to just below tree line (~3200'). 
At 1830 IC received a call from Smuggler's Notch Security that the missing subject had returned to the resort and was in good condition.
All search teams were recalled back to staging


Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions


Green Mountain Club 18:15-22:15  

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