Team was initially dispatched by VTEM to Barry City's Staging Area established at R&L Archery, but were diverted by Barry City IC to our 1st residential evacuation.

Routes were scouted by 2 rescue swimmers and 2 rescue swimmers would follow, moving the inflatable to the evacuation site.
Subjects with PFD's were evacuated by boat to a safe location and then transported to an evacuation center.
In all SMR evacuated 17 persons and several pets from multiple locations within Barre between 0230 & 0730.
The team then rehabilitated until 0930.

Final mission was in Montpelier where we staged at the down town FD/PD. SMR was requested to evaluate an elderly couple at a residence that was inaccessible. The couple was fine and refused any assistance.
SMR cleared Montpelier Staging at 1200.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions


Barre City FD & PD
Montpelier FD & PD
Vermont State Police
Colchester Technical Rescue
1:00-14:30 Rain

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