Upon arrival at the scene it was determined that the subject was more than a mile up the trail, in the middle of a very steep section with rocky ledges and open slides.  This is a very steep, difficult and somewhat technical 4th class approach to the summit of Mt. Mansfield.   It was determined that while a ground evac would be possible, given the patient's condition and the danger presented to the rescuers in performing what could be an all night evacuation in technical terrain, a helicopter hoist operation would be an appropriate option to pursue. A call was placed to Vermont State Police to request a helicopter for a hoist operation from New York State. A backup plan was also put in place by calling Colchester Tech. Rescue to standby in Smuggler's Notch in case additional resources were needed for a ground evacuation. Capt. R. Evans from VSP made the necessary phone calls to NYSP to request the resource. At 18:30 the flight was approved. An LZ was established by the Stowe Fire Dept. at Stowe Mountain Resort and Stowe Rescue was notified for ground transport of the patient once he was flown from the scene to the LZ.  An open spot on the trail was located for the hoist pickup approximately 1/10 mile up the Hellbrook Trail and the patient was moved to that location. The helicopter arrived at the scene at approximately 19:30. New York Forest Ranger J. Giglinto was lowered to the scene along with a stokes litter.  The patient was packaged in the litter and hoisted from the scene with only minutes available due to impending darkness. The subject was flown to the LZ and transferred to Stowe Rescue ambulance for transport to Copley Hospital in Morrisville. The rescuers hiked out on the trail reaching the trailhead at approximately 20:30.

Arriving at the patient.

Ranger Giglinto arrives on scene.

Subject is hoisted from the trail.
Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Govoni, Libby
Van Dyke

New York Forest Rangers NYSP Aviation
Stowe Rescue
Stowe Fire Dept.
Colchester Tech. Rescue

15:35-21:00 70, Overcast

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