The second group was unable to make progress and ended up spending an uncomfortable night in the woods at about 3100' on the west side of the mountain. Both parties had gotten confused in poor visibility conditions after hiking to the summit ridge and gone down the wrong side of the mountain away from the ski area. After evaluating the condition of the second party, weather conditions, and the probability of finding them at night it was decided to put the search off until the following morning. The team resumed the search at 4am with a snowcat ride to the top of the ski area, where they proceeded to search on snowshoes, locating the party at 9:15am. They warmed the group up and guided them down the mountain to waiting Vermont Game Wardens with snowmobiles who gave them a ride out the final mile or so down an unplowed road. The subjects were evaluated by Essex Rescue and released without transport.


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Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions

Van Dyke

Underhill Jericho FD, Colchester Tech Rescue, Essex Rescue, VT Fish & Wildlife, Vt. State Police



25, cloudy

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