They called 911 at - 1630 requesting assistance reporting they were in "deep snow" and "not on a trail".  They were instructed to continue down hill and to look for a cross-country ski trail that they would ultimately cross. Spear was first on scene at Mansfield Touring Center and was instructed to sweep the Bear Run trail w/the Touring Centers snow machine. 3 Ski Patrol (MMSP) personnel w/2 snow machines were also on scene and were instructed to sweep several other trails. At - 1725 IC Veliko was advised by MMSP that a second party of 1 had also called into Stowe Mt Resort dispatch at - 1700, also requesting assistance and appeared to be in the same area as the initial party.

The initial party of 2 was contacted by IC and they reported had reached an "unmarked trail" and were continuing down hill, they next reported they had reached "Bear Run" and were continuing down hill. Two team members were sent in to assist w/transporting these subjects back to the staging area at Mansfield Touring Center. The 2 subjects were examined by Stowe Rescue and found to be in good condition at - 1830. The remaining subject did have a whistle and was instructed to give 1 long whistle blow about every 5 minutes. Couper/Govoni heard a whistle blow and responded w/additional whistle blows, the subject was located at - 1900 and returned to the staging area at Mansfield Touring Center at 1930 where he was found to be in good condition.

Team Members RespondingOther Agencies RespondingTime of CallWeather Conditions


Mt Mansfield Ski Patrol Stowe Rescue

16:15-19:30 Overcast

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