Neil Van Dyke

Neil is one of the team's founders, and served as team leader for more than 30 years.

He is an active outdoorsman and also serves on the Town of Stowe Selectboard. From 2010-2012 he served as President of the Mountain Rescue Association. In November of 2013 he was appointed the first full time Search and Rescue Coordinator for State of Vermont Dept. of Public Safety.



Edward Stewart

Ed is a founding member of the team and very active in SAR.

He is a search team leader for the FEMA USAR Team from Beverly, Mass. Ed is a recently retired Detective Sergeant for the Stowe Police Dept and is the Emergency Management Director for the Town of Stowe.

Edward Stewart


Doug Veliko

Doug is the team Chief.  He is the team's most accomplished technical rock and ice climber and is currently our training officer.

He frequently climbs in New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, California and is pictured below in the Bugaboos. He works at Global Logic (formerly IBM) in Essex Jct.


Dennis Reinhardt

Dennis is a recently retired game warden after serving for the last 28 years with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. He has been a member of the team since 2001.  He enjoys exploring the backcountry of Stowe and surrounding areas. 



Graham Govoni

Graham is the team Deputy Chief.  He is an avid ice climber and serves as the team's pro bono legal counsel. He also volunteers with Morristown Rescue and was awarded the Vermont League of Cities and Towns Citizenship Award for the year 2000.


Greg Speer

Greg spends much of his time hiking, climbing and skiing the backcountry around Stowe.

He has a business making rustic furniture, and works year round as a backcountry guide.

Greg SpeerGreg

Todd Westervelt

Todd is an avid back-country skier, hiker, and cyclist.  He knows the trails and woods around Mount Mansfield well as he spends much of his spare time exploring the Stowe backcountry during the four seasons.

He enjoys a career working for Global Logic (formerly IBM) designing computer chips

Todd W.

Todd W.

Ed Miller

Ed is no stranger to SAR or the Stowe backcountry. He is an avid backcountry skier, hiker, trail runner and biker. Ed serves as VP of the Stowe Nordic Outing Club and is the Trail Chief for the Stowe section of the Catamount Trail. Many years ago he worked with an air scent dog on a SAR team in New Jersey.  Ed telecommutes from Vermont working in the telecommunications industry.


ed web

Andrew Ruschp

Andrew is a native of Stowe who spends his free time skiing, hiking, climbing, and adventure dirt biking.

When not playing in the woods, Andrew enjoys a career as an engineer for Efficiency Vermont, as well as assisting in running his families business, the Stowe Motel.




Tom Rogers

Tom is a wildlife biologist, writer, and photographer, working for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department interpreting wildlife science to the public. 

Tom is an avid whitewater boater, backcountry skiier and mountain biker.  He has guided in Jackson Hole and West Virginia.  He spends his weekends raft guiding in the Adirondacks and ski instructing in Stowe.


tom webid 

tom web


Rory Burke

Rory has lived and worked in Stowe since 2005. He works for mountain operations at Stowe MountaIn Resort, spending a large part of his time, on foot, on the mountain. He is also an arborist and a climbing guide. He has climbed around the country and overseas but loves climbing and skiing in Vermont and Stowe.





Jason McLean

Jason moved to Stowe in 2008.  Since then he has explored as much of the Vermont outdoors as he can either skiing, on his bike or hiking.  Jason is also a Member of the Mansfield Ski Patrol, Stowe EMS and serves as Treasurer of the Stowe EMS Board.  He also enjoys a career in finance. 




Tracey Eykehoff

Tracey has lived in Stowe for more than two decades. During most of those years he served with the Mt Mansfield Ski Patrol as a professional ski patroller and field supervisor. 
He has a penchant for climbing rock, ice & backcountry snow. Some of his other interests are gear testing, terrain mapping, sailing, canoeing & sweep-oar rowing. 




Jon Wehse

Jon has been skiing, snow shoeing, biking, hiking and trail running throughout Stowe the past 10 years. He pays the bills and funds his family's travel log as an IT Consultant developing Business Resilience/Disaster Recovery solutions for large data centers.



Dave Raybold

Dave grew up in the Peak District National Park in England, where he would hike, climb and mountain bike.  He studied Geography and Sports Management at college, and is intrigued by how people interact with the environment around them.

Dave moved to Stowe in early 2013, and New England is like home away from home where he continues to enjoy outdoor pursuits.  He works at Stowe Mountain Resort as a PSIA certified Level 3 ski coach in the winter, and as a technical rescue guide on the ZipTour and Treetop Adventure attractions in the summer.  He is also a Volkswagen enthusiast and likes to attend European car shows.